Congelador de helados en tanda Un solo sabor

Mod. C119


Taylor Taylor

Serve homemade, medium overrun gourmet ice cream, custard, gelato, sorbet, Italian ice and slush. Mix and liquid flavorings may be poured into the convenient fill chute on the door. Fruits, candies and nuts can be folded in as product is being drawn into your container. Manufactured in Italy by Frigomat to ensure European equipment quality and technology to serve gelato or medium overrun frozen desserts.

Freezing Cylinder One, 8.5 quart (8.0 liter). Electronic Consistency Control Selection on rotary switch from one to six. Automatically senses product viscosity to control the refrigeration system for perfect ice cream quality, batch after batch. Variable Batch Size Adjust to a lower viscosity setting for smaller pre-charge of mix.


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