Congelador de bebidas congeladas Un solo sabor

Mod. 369

Bebidas Heladas

Taylor Taylor

Dispense a variety of frozen beverages, such as granita drinks, frozen cocktails, fruit juices, smoothies, coffees, cappuccino and tea slush beverages. May also be operated in chilled drink mode. Removable Bowls Clear bowls are marked with gallon and liter gradations. Each bowl holds 2.6 gallons (10.0 liter). One bowl on Model 369, two on Model 370, and three on Model 371. Viscosity Control Automatically shuts down refrigeration when product reaches desired thickness.

Temperature Control Adjustable thermostat allows operator to operate unit in frozen or chilled drink mode. Beater Single piece beater includes inner scraper. Self Closing Draw Handles Spring operated dispensing handles close automatically for self service application. Removable Drip Tray Drip tray is easily removable for cleaning. Diaphragm plug in base of tray may be perforated to connect a drain line.

Lighted Display Domed covers are lighted. Set of five interchangeable flavor cards are included. May be positioned front or back depending on merchandising preference. No cord required. Defrost Timer May be preset to automatically go into chilled drink mode during no sale periods. Condenser Filter Improves ventilation for optimum performance by preventing dust from accumulating on the condenser(s). No tools are required to change or replace the washable filter.


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