Dispensador de Crema Batida

Mod. C004


Taylor Taylor

Garnish all your favorite beverages and desserts with freshly made whipping cream or create your own mousse desserts with the same equipment. Simply mix the ingredients together and pour into the whipping dispenser. Press the button to serve with no chemical additives or propellants. Refrigerated Hopper One, 2.6 quart (2.5 liter) removable hopper. Refrigerated to maintain safe product temperatures below 41ºF (5ºC).

Electronic temperature control is adjustable for various product requirements. Hopper temperature is displayed on electronic control. Whipping Action Refrigerated liquid cream is pumped through a stainless steel chamber, forcing the cream through multiple paths, incorporating air and whipping into a light and fluffy topping or dessert. Air Pump Select the lowest number on the adjustment knob for lower overrun, and adjust to a higher number if a lighter texture is desired. Compact pump, located above the hopper area, easily disassembles for cleaning with no tools.

Dispensing Convenient push-button can be used for two modes of operation: manual, and timed. For manual operation, just press and hold until desired quantity is dispensed. For timed operation, pre-set the dispensing time in the electronic control for similar portions every serving. Drip Tray Clear drip tray and stainless steel holder may be removed as needed.


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