Batch - Equipo de tratamiento térmico

Mod. CH04


Taylor Taylor

Allows the operator to incorporate a hot process to mix, heat, refrigerate, hold, and age gelato or other frozen dessert mixes. Using a hot process improves mix stability, assures a rich, creamy texture, and maintains quality frozen product in the display case. Flexible equipment may also be used for specialty recipes, like pudding, inverted sugar, slush base, syrup toppings or hot chocolate. Manufactured in Italy by Frigomat to ensure European equipment quality and technology. Reservoir One, 63.4 quart (60 liter) vat. Clear cover allows operator to watch the mixing action.

If cover is raised, heating and agitation will stop for safety purposes, but refrigeration continues. Controls Touch pads control mixing, refrigeration, faucet, rinsing the spout, two automatic and one programmable heat cycles. Heat Cycles Two automatic heating temperature cycles are pre-programmed to heat and cool within specified time periods to assure food safety. The high temperature cycle heats to 185ºF. (85ºC.) and immediately begins cooling the mix to maintain safe product temperatures below 41ºF (5ºC). The lower temperature cycle heats to 150ºF. (65ºC.), holds the mix at that temperature for 30 minutes, before cooling, The heating and cooling cycle is completed within two hours. One semi-automatic cycle allows the operator to personalize their recipe by selecting the proper temperatures for specific ingredients.

Delicate ingredients such as cream or chocolate are typically added during the cool down phase. Bain-Marie Indirect heat surrounds the vat for cooking delicate ingredients like custards or melting chocolate. Heat transfers through the entire tank surface, instead of only where heating elements are located. Also aids in refrigerating product without the possibility of ice crystal formation. Easy Cleaning With both hot and cold water attached, cleaning is simple. Independent rinse cycle for the spout maintains strictest hygiene between batches, and eliminates flavor carryover. Agitator and spout disassemble easily without tools. Drip Tray Clear drip tray and stainless steel holder may be removed as needed for filling large containers.


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