Mod. 36ER33-88


Garland Garland

Heavy-duty electric range with full size oven, Model 36ER33-88,

combination top. 36″ (914mm) wide x 36″ (914mm) high x 36″

(914mm) deep; 36″ (914mm) x 24″ (610mm) top consists of

one 24″ (610mm) griddle and one 12″ (305mm) open tubular

element section.

Standard oven is controlled by a heavy-duty

electromechanical thermostat. Griddle has two thermostati-

cally controlled sections and each element is controlled by

a three-heat switch. Oven interior is 13.5″ (343mm) high x

26.25″ (667mm) wide x 29″ (533mm) deep with removable

four-position chrome plated oven rack guides and one oven

rack, front and rear stainless steel grease troughs. Available

with convection oven base, 21.75″ (552mm) deep. Standard

with stainless steel front and black powder coat epoxy sides.


controls are mounted at a convenient level on the switch panel.

Electric circuit protection is provided for by circuit breakers

or fuses located outside of the heat zone behind the lower kick



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