Batidos espesos y smoothies un solo sabor

Mod. 358

Malteadas y Smoothies

Taylor Taylor

Serve a wide variety of frozen desserts, like thick shakes and smoothies, with the assurance of safe temperatures for dairy products. Direct draw a single flavor, or blend in flavorings for more variety. Freezing Cylinder One, 7 quart (6.6 liter). Refrigerated Mix Hopper One, 20 quart (18.9 liter).

Refrigerated to maintain mix temperature below 41ºF (5ºC). Indicator Lights If the freezer is out of mix, the Mix Out light will come on, and the freezer shuts down automatically to prevent damage. Less than one pint ( .5 liter) is left in the hopper when the mix out system is activated. Solid State Controls Thermistor control precisely monitors temperature and maintains consistent quality in product texture through solid state technology.

Thumb Grip Draw Handle Draw handle makes dispensing of product easy by squeezing two levers together. Fast Ejection Beater design ejects product quickly to serve customers faster. Dispense a 16 fl. oz. (473 ml) serving in approximately 3 seconds. Plastic Hopper Cover Durable, plastic hopper cover maintains its shape through years of use.


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