Máquina de Café Semiautomática

Mod. Special EP


La Spaziale La Spaziale

Semiautomatic coffee machine with continuous delivery: 1, 2, 3 or 4 groups versions. Automatic filler up of the boiler for all models. Built-in pump for the 1-unit machine.

Electric heating system. 3-liters boiler (for the 1-unit machine); 10-liters boiler (for the 2-units machine); 15-liters boiler (for the 3-units machine); 20-liters boiler (for the 4-units machine).

Double gauge for boiler pressure control. 1 hot water nozzle / 2 steaming arms. Standard safety thermostat for electric part. All controls of dispensing units at low tension (24V).


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